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Solo Journey - Easy + Intermediate Piano Book (PDF Download)
  • Solo Journey - Easy + Intermediate Piano Book (PDF Download)
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Eleven original piano pieces designed for relaxing, reflecting, and healing. Contains all songs from the Bradley's SOLO JOURNEY CD.

PDF format you can read off your computer, iPad, or print out.

2 books in 1. All eleven songs are repeated twice. First half of the book is the easy version, then all eleven songs are repeated again in intermediate level. Once you conquer one level move to the next in the same book.

  1. Winter Moon
  2. Yesterday Is But A Dream
  3. The Poetry Room
  4. Letters From Home
  5. A Summer's Story
  6. The Long, Last Mile
  7. October Forest
  8. The First Snow
  9. Seasons End
  10. Wind Farmer (piano version)
  11. Love Remains
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