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Veterinarian Recommended: 

Veterinarians and Animal Behaviorists have supported the use of relaxing music to minimize the destructive behaviors related to separation anxiety and hyperactivity.  
These CDs and DVDs create a peaceful environment by masking other environmental noises that can trigger anxiety, excitement and barking. 

What makes these CDs different from regular music CDs?
Bradley Joseph has been a professional composer for over twenty years.  He started to notice a change in his own pets behavior depending on what he played on the piano.  By experimenting with different tones and rhythms, he incorporated all the positive reactions he received into his own compositions.  

The end result was a collection of CDs and DVDs that have brought positive results from pet owners across the globe. 


Colleen Paige, Editor-in-Chief, Pet Home Magazine
This wonderful DVD and CD collection of Music Pets Love, by Bradley Joseph, you yourself, will equally love.  From the adorable animals and the magical sounds of nature, to the ethereal music that will lull your furry babes into a state of pure euphoria - it's a never-ending treat for my dogs, especially with it's looping feature.  

Several months ago my precious Chihuahua, Tinkerbelle, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now unable to walk, she spends more time than she'd like to, in a baby playpen when we can't have her in our laps. When we first started placing her in the playpen, she would cry and howl, feeling sequestered and punished, but we had no other choice, as she was now running headlong into walls and furniture.  

Then I remembered that I had this fabulous DVD from Bradley, as I had only used it as entertainment for my black Lab, Sailor, who loves to see other dogs on TV.  Low and behold, the minute I put this DVD on, Tink was as happy as a bug in a rug, because she spent most of her life walking in nature and loves squirrels, ducks, geese and other critter sounds. For about 15 minutes she was really alert...and then off to dreamland.  

Thank you Bradley, for your magical music and wonderful creations. Tinkerbelle's life is so much happier now (and mine too) because of you!


Press Publications
by Mike Morgan Staff Writer

Recording in his home studio, composer Bradley Joseph is often alone with his pets.  The dogs and cats aren't the passive audience one might suspect, however.  Depending on the song, Joseph's four-legged friends perk their ears, maneuver to sit on his lap or get up and leave the room.  A few years ago he started to pay close attention.  "They listened all the time and I started to realize they reacted differently to (different) songs," he said."I noticed a change in their behavior."    Fast forward a couple years and Joseph has recorded a full slate of pet CDs, which have proved popular with individuals of several species.  

The purpose of the CDs are to keep pets busy when their owners are gone.  "They don't feel alone, it keeps them occupied." Joseph said.  The concept has found a niche among loving pet owners who feel guilty about leaving their furry or feathered friends home alone while they're at work.  The music also helps keep pets that are left alone from chewing or clawing furniture, Joseph said.  An all-purpose pet CD, as well as ones specifically designed for dogs, cats or birds have sold well, Joseph said.  Each differs slightly to cater to the animals more specifically.  For example, the dog offerings have periodic high-pitched dog whistles included to keep a dogs attention.   The pet sounds proved a hit virtually right away.  "All over the country, sales have been booming," he said. 

But fans weren't totally satisfied.  Soon many began inquiring about DVDs, Joseph said.  Joseph thought it sounded like a fairly natural progression.  After all, many pet owners leave their televisions on when they're gone to keep the beloved pets company.   While not every animal reacts the same way to the CDs and DVDs, count Joseph's dog as one of the mesmerized ones.  It stared at the screen right when Joseph turned it on.  "I was shocked," he said.  Others have also been impressed with the videos' effectiveness.  Joseph says some customers have used the DVDs to calm their dogs down during thunderstorms and other stressful events.